Nothing About Us Without US

We are building a global multi-ethnic community & resource network of Social Impact Investors & Entrepreneurs focused on lasting change solutions that meet the basic needs of the world’s most marginalized.

Our Manifesto

We believe the world of social entrepreneurship, venture capital, and philanthropy though more progressive than traditional systems, is however not so different in its lack of diversity. We believe in solutions led by women, People of Color, and LGBTQ founders. We believe social impact should be as core to the investment formula just as much as profit margins. We believe in helping 21st century leaders focused on lasting change solutions tackle pressing needs for the world’s most marginalized. We believe impact must first demonstrate that inclusion is more than a politically correct nicety. We believe diversity of perspectives & backgrounds at the table, has the potential to bring diverse strengths to management of funding, scalability & company structure that inspire & build more impact companies around the world. We believe “Nothing About Us Without Us” is key to building lasting change that goes to scale.


Our Latest

  • Chapter 30… Lessons from my 20s on People + Place + Purpose
    This isn’t a letter and I’m not sure it’s an open one either but this was written on a flight to a rainy and chilly DC in December, following 6 days of taking it easy and venturing across the corners of a tropical island, while on holiday celebrating my 30th annual rotation around the sun.…
  • What’s My Story? And Why Ubongo?
    ‘We’re so distracted by how things end, we usually forget how beautiful the beginning was” these words play as a constant reminder to me that life is not only about where you are going, but also where you have started. For me, it all began in Kinshasa, Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo)…
  • Check On Your Strong Friend …or Sibling
    I’ve continuously have tried to keep this persona about myself to show that I am strong, deep down inside I’m in shambles and it hurts me when I think about it. As we officially kick off a new Fall season today, lately I’ve been digging deep inside me to address the most uncomfortable things in…

Join In Us In Making Good Trouble

With the aim of helping as many Social Impact Investors & Entrepreneurs as possible, we are always looking to connect with folks enthusiastic about making good trouble. Please contact us for more info.

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