RetroConservative: Romney 2012

The RetroConservative is one that brings us back to fundamentals…they are those who seek to understand and embody the core essence of the manifesto that is conservatism

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In the first chapter of his book, “Liberty & Tyranny” Mark R. Levin, lays out todays competing voices that claim the mantle of “true conservatism.” Levin chooses not to attempt to give birth to totally new theories. Instead he presents his opinions and conclusions on what is conservative and what is not. He perceives it as two combating human forces in the form of “Liberty & Tyranny.” An essence of good and evil.

Everytime I think of a self-governing social group, that’s been established on liberty but eventually falls to tyranny, I can’t help but to think of the book Animal Farm. If you haven’t read this book, I suggest you do that…after reading this post of course. Illustrated in a manner only he can do, George Orwell tells us a story of a revolution that becomes corrupted by ignorance, greed and indifference, in which an animal society overthrows an oppressive and unrepresentative ruler (the Farmer)…but only to once again fall prisoner to the like (it’s own Elect)…sound familiar?

The American Revolution became fully ignited through a series of economic and governmental disputes. It became a movement that fought to rid the masses away from an order of tyranny. In place of this unjust, became a new order for a society built on economic and personal liberties.

Understanding the many follies humanity can be subjected to, the American Founders conceptualized a civil society that was to take form through the Law of Liberty. This society would allow its people power to decide their own faith, while living civilly and at peace with their fellow-man. The establishment of a government protected and reinforced the rights of its people.  The citizens of this nation would be their own masters, subject to nature’s Creator, while liberty enabled them self-representation and free roam of personal pursuits.

“Animal Farm”/ “Liberty & Tyranny”

Just as times change, so does human sentiment and discernment. Throughout the course of history of any civil society, the formulation of subgroups is near inevitable. Western civilization brings us the formulation of two spectrum’s of thought within the pursuit of upholding liberty.

Liberalism & Conservatism. Given their nature of formation, both of these approaches seek to enhance both the economic and civil state of well-being of it’s people. Liberalism chooses to uphold liberty through insuring a fair and equitable distribution of societal resources. While
the Law of Liberty through conservatism takes a more free-market approach in it’s insurance for securing the wellness of its people.

Both of these thoughts, unfortunately still arrive with levels of follies in which tyranny is ineradicable. What is fundamentally keen however, is discerning a course of action that is practical and adherent to the demands of the times.

In 1937 a group of politicians came together to form a bi-partisan coalition of leaders who opposed then FDR’s “New Deal” policies, which they believed were beginning to prove ineffective (ref). During the Spring and Summer of ‘37, the country began to see a return to economic recession, dubbed as the “Roosevelt Recession.” In addition, FDR’s failed attempt to “pack” the Supreme Court with Judges sympathetic to New Deal policies, and a series of sit-down strikes by organized labor fueled the need for bipartisan conservative action (wiki).

Acting swiftly, Senators Josiah W. Bailey (D-NC) and Arthur H. Vandenberg (R-MI) drafted a position statement titled “An Address to the People of the United States”, now famously coined as the Conservative Manifesto. Throwing their political affiliations…out of the window, these men opted to go back to fundamentals, they had to understand the root of the issue and respond accordingly to the demands of the times.

Senators and Congressmen would later become overwhelmed with petitions from every state in the Union to uphold the policies that the Conservative Manifesto called for, which were 1) lowering taxes on capital gains & undistributed profits 2) Reducing government spending & balancing budgets 3) Restoring peace to the relationship between labor & industry 4) Resisting government competition with private enterprise 5) Recognizing the importance of profit in private enterprise 6) Protecting collateral as a prerequisite for credit 7) Reducing taxes 8) Maintaining states’ rights 9) Aiding the unemployed in an economical & locally responsible manner and 10) Relying on American Free Enterprise.

During a time of double-digit unemployment percentages and great civil unrest, the lure of upholding Liberty’s law through liberalism took root. The thought of a central body fully insuring the flow, and fair distribution of societal resources seemed appealing to a culture devastated by diminished incomes, and desperate for securing Liberty’s promise. FDR’s liberal approach in rescuing the nation from this devastating economic depression, would eventually arrive with backlash and increased demand for equitable federal insurance. Which ultimately posed counter-intuitive to a conservative free-market approach, that demanded increased competition and production. This recession goes on to later be fully saved through the unforeseeable demands and outcomes of the second world war.

Fast forward to 2012. Though having taken a backseat in popular culture today, the manifesto of conservatism stands strong. It demands a stand up for capitalism!!!! During a period where there’s questioning of the economic and political stability for the Law of Liberty. The need for a retroconservative approach on re-instilling public confidence within its own strength, and prospective future remains relevant and ever so endearing.

The retroconservative looks to bring us back to the core fundamentals in which animates the  culture of its people. They are a steward of a manifest that acknowledges the imperfections of its society, while continuously striving to preserve the liberty of its nation and existence. In a time when so many in our nation have questioned our fundamentals, and flirted with new concepts; we, like never before, need to claim, resurrect and reignite the fire of liberty…we need to become RetroConservatives.

Instagram Image via @MKanene
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