Breaking Barriers in Sochi: Jazmine Fenlator #WorldWednesday

The Sochi Winter Olympic Games have produced countless headlines around the world, captivating audiences and viewers both from the abundance of remarkable athletic ability to the disappointing conditions of the Olympic Village. Unfinished hotel rooms, hazardous water, nonexistent hotel lobbies, and even admitted bathroom surveillance have all stolen the headlines from the athletes deserving them. What this Olympic Games has not failed to produce are the incomparable stories of the journeys some athletes have taken to reach the stage they are at.

In 2011, Jazmine Fenlator and her family were among the thousands affected by Hurricane Irene, nearly losing everything they owned. Along with her mother being ill fighting numerous health problems, finding the mental and physical energy, resilience, and focus to compete was sure to be gone.

Jazmine Fenlator – Team USA 2014 Winter Olympic Bobsled Pilot

“Life is going to hand you a million obstacles…You just have to figure out how to overcome them.” And that’s exactly what she did. The season following the devastating storm, she had her best season to date. She won medals at the 2012 World Cup eventually leading to the opportunity to represent Team USA in the 2014 Olympics. How one views adversity, hardship, and troubling situations is truly a measure of one’s perception towards overcoming these obstacles.

This story is not uncommon to millions in today’s world. Each day, people must overcome obstacles that can all but hold one back if they don’t push forward and makes something of the situation they are in. Jazmine found strength and inspiration through her mother to continue her dreams of an Olympic Medal. Besides, it takes incredible strength to push a ‘400 pound sled and gun it through a one-mile tube at 80 mph while pulling 6G force’ ; but for Jazmine it’s a feeling she admits “can’t be put into words.”

With black history underway, and the Olympics in full swing, it is interesting to think about the relationship these two historical events have to one another and their contribution to world affairs.

Jazmine competes for the USA Bobsled Team February 18, follow Team USA as they go for Gold in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics at

Happy Wednesday Folks! -JB

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