Spring Break 2014 Music Mix #MusicMonday

SB 2014

From the white sandy Panama City Beach, to the neon filled streets of Ocean Drive Miami, tropical paradise’s of Cancun and Cozumel, to Coca Cola’s own party down south on South Padre Island; college kids are letting loose, drinking up, and partying hard. Escaping from textbooks and lectures for a week away on beaches and in the sunshine.

Whether you’re driving down the coast, windows down, speakers blaring, on the beach or in the club, this mix has the sounds you need for the moments you love.

Starting out with some groovy house for your ride to the beach and the all-day party on it, takes you to the club next with some high energy cuts, before slowing down for that rare moment of calm among-st the non-stop party.

Listen straight through or pick out your hits. Here’s your Spring Break Soundtrack provided by The Art of Perspective.


About the Author

JB finalJusten Barber, Houston, TX native. Studies Mass Communication and Spanish at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX. Lived in Puerto Rico for 2 years as a kid. It solidified spanish as part of his life. Former Marketing/PR intern for Pacha, NYC. Music. Travel. Fuego.

–Connect: Twitter/Linkedin

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