Meet: NGHBRS // A SXSW Music Recap #ThinkMusic

Photo courtesy Simpli Spiritu
Photo courtesy Simpli Spiritu

One of the greatest things about SXSW is discovering so many talented bands. The festival always has a great line up of new bands, and often times you’ll hear people let out guttural cries of frustration because they can’t decide which show they’re going to see. I think I got lucky though, because when I hit the streets for SXSW I stumbled across the brilliant New York-based band NGHBRS. The band consists of Jordan Schneider, Ian Kenny, Tommy Fleischmann and Eric Vivelo who all come together to create some of the best music I’ve ever heard. The group is extremely talented and it’s members are definitely some of the most down to earth musicians I have ever met.

Photo Courtesy NGHBRS
Photo Courtesy NGHBRS

Their music is raw and energetic, but it also has a subtle catchiness to it. Something that subtlety up-beat tempo will make you play a song over and over again, until you finally know the all the words yourself. They released their Instagram themed music video for “Hold Up Girl” not too long ago and it’s quickly generated a buzz. Jordan came up with the concept and although he put in a lot of “sleepless nights,” he believes that all of the bands hard work paid off because the music video “definitely took the band to another level.”

Out of the five shows they played at SXSW this year, the one at The Blind Pig Pub was their favorite. NGHBRS is a band that really needs to be seen live. This is not a band that was born in the studio, their raw energy onstage is completely captivating. The entire audience can tell that this is a live band, and their sound persuades otherwise shy audience members to clap their hands or sway to their enthralling tempo.

Photo courtesy Simpli Spiritu

This was the bands first time at SXSW but in case you missed some of their stellar performances they still have a couple more shows coming up.

For more information on NGHBRS visit their website and Facebook page! Listen and download the NGHBRS collection here below:

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