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South Beach, Ocean Drive, Biscayne Bay, Star Island. Scarface, Miami Vice, Bad Boys. Lebron James, Dan Marino, David Beckham. We’ve all heard these names; whether in pop culture or world travel, the draw and obsession with Miami is incomparable. Which explains why every year, for a week in March, Downtown and South Beach Miami becomes the home to the worlds most prominent electronic dance music events, the Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival


A week filled with huge parties from the beaches to the hotel pools (and rooms), downtown in the clubs, onto a closing in grand fashion at Bayfront park. The sounds dropped in Miami during this week set the tone for the music that will fill the dance music festival circuit this year.


The annual Winter Music Conference, or WMC, also known as Miami Music Week, is the where the entire dance music industry comes together to celebrate the music, network with fellow industry shakers, escape the cold, show off new equipment, and debut new music. DJ’s bring their A-game, some able to perform multiple shows throughout the week, really capitalizing on the opportunities presented by the Conference. Tens of thousands of dedicated dance music fans travel from all over the globe to experience this festival season starting event, with the opportunity to see nearly any and every  relevant dj/ producer in the scene.


And for the 16th year in a row, the worlds premiere electronic music festival, Ultra Music Festival, closes out the weekend with a massive 3 day party with over 300 of the top dance music acts of today sprawled over 7 stages at Bayfront Park.



Having attended Ultra Music Festival from 2011-2013, as well as working WMC events in 2013, the Sounds of Miami are unmistakable. New found energy, fresh productions, beach and pool party vibes, and club banging beats.


So for those of you who do make it out this year, know that you can always say for the rest of the festival season…”I heard it first…in Miami”

About the Author

JB finalJusten Barber, Houston, TX native. Studies Mass Communication and Spanish at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX. Living in Puerto Rico as a kid solidified Spanish as a part of his life. Former Marketing/PR intern for Pacha NYC. Advent Festival goer. Music. Travel. Fuego.

–Connect: Twitter/Linkedin

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