10 Indie Funk Songs to Jam Today – #MusicMonday

Whether you were spending time with loved ones, hunting easter eggs, brunching with family + friends = frands, rolling spliffs for 4/20, or all of the above, some serious R&R (rest & recreation) activities went down. Though we all may have celebrated the Easter weekend differently, what remains the same is everyones pilgrimage back to the Monday grind (however that looks). That’s why we’ve compiled a playlist with 10 indie funk songs for you to jam to today. Listen below and let’s make today an unconventionally awesome Monday:

Pick 10

1) The Seed (2.0) – The Roots

The Roots are better knows for a jazzy and eclectic approach to hip-hop featuring live musical instrument. Though a bit less Indie, this track opens up the playlist nicely with it’s serious deliverance of funk.

2) R U With Me – ASTR

I think a follow up on this NYC-duo is in store/needed. ASTR gives us that unconventional indie funk that crosses genres while producing tasteful sounds.

3) Bloodsport – Raliegh Ritchie

Raliegh Ritchie is a UK fellow with some mad chops–music chops. I’ve had to put bloodsport on repeat a few times writing this post. Good listen from an up & upcoming artist in new wave of British invasion.

4) Corazón – Robby Hunter Band

Miami based Indie Funk band, dusted with a taste of Hip Hop, and baked in an oven of Soul. Check more on RHB here.

5) Black Sheep – Gin Wigmore

Virginia “Gin” Wigmore is a New Zealand singer-songwriter. Though a bit less indie funk, this 27 year old singer-songwriter is/has gain(ing)ed notability for her range of skill from pop-rock, blues, folk, soul and even jazz, just to name a few. Find out more on Gin Wigmore here.

6) Us – Movement

Movement are a trio from Sydney, Australia, building steam from a grain of salt with their seductive nocturnal music. The track ‘Us’ speaks to the bands stylistic mellow and approach to funk. Check out more on Movement via their label Modular Recordings and website.

7) Doo Wop (That Thing) – Lauryn Hill

This classic by the Ms. Lauryn Hill, gives us a taste of how well alternative hip hop mixes across genres. Encouraging both sexes to rethink their approach on romantic relationships, ‘Doo Wop’ gives us something to jam to while remembering to watch out about ‘That Thing,’ ya dig?!

8) Baby I’m Yours – Breakbot

Thibaut Berland, better known as ‘Breakbot‘ is a French producer and a DJ. Not much more is needed to be said on this track, it’s fun, light, funky, and a song you might even throw on a mixtape for someone.

9) Falling (Psychemagik Remix) – HAIM

This is another group I’m thinking needs a follow up feature or something. They’ve apparently been around for a little (according tour friend Amarie & the internet). HAIM is a LA based band consisting of 3 extremely talented sisters. The original version of this song is just as good as this psychemagik remix.

10) So Good To Me – Chris Malinchak

Chris Malinchak is an NYC DJ and producer whose gained major prominence from ‘So Good To Me’ in the UK last year. Listening to this song one can realize 1) why this song is a hit and 2) why the UK music scene is currently king of fresh new music.

Enjoy — Happy Monday!!

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MKMariel Kanene, Congolese. Texan. African. American. Always viewed through an art of perspective. Pursuing a call to think social, travel local, and be global.

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