X-Games 2014 Does Austin, TX

The X-Games this year were held at the brand new “Circuit of The Americas Track” in Austin, Texas. Celebrities, athletes, and citizens from across the US made the pilgrimage to the live music capital of world to fulfill their passion for X-Games sports. Just two years ago Austin built the first Formula 1 Certified Racing Track in the United States properly dubbed “The Circuit of the Americas”. This venue proved perfect for the X-Games 4-day spectacle and The City of Austin has signed a contract to keep it there for the next 4 years.

Circuit of Americas


Day 1: Thursday

The X-Games started off with a bang this year with the first events being held at the beating heart of city. Where better than at the steps of the capitol? Locals and guests crammed into downtown hoping to get the best view to see Tony Hawk initiate the event. A two story half pipe was built on the lawn of the capitol but still within view from the street to lure passer-bys. Hawk and numerous other skaters teased fans with trick points, interviews, and autograph signing. The event was free so the venue was packed. They started it late so the stragglers from work could make it out for the entertainment. If you didn’t know that the X-Games was Austin, (besides the fact the video trailer that was shot on 6th street) you did now.



Day 2: Friday

X-Games turned it up a notch by making the move over to the Circuit of the Americas, the 3.5 mile F1 Track. On Friday the games started promptly at 1 pm with the BMX street final. Big Air and Best Whip were some of the highlights of the night with the Big Air being hosted and sponsored by the Navy. FMLYBND hit off the day off with a bang at 1:30. Later the Austin 360 Theater introduced Slightly Stoopid and then ending the night with Pretty Lights and special guest Dillon Francis. By far the highlight of the entire day was none other than prodigy-to-be 14-year-old Tom Shaar winning the gold medal at Big Air.



Day 3: Saturday

If there was one cataclysmic day to be at the 2014 Austin X-Games… Saturday WAS that day. Big names and big jumps was the name of the game and everyone was running on all cylinders. Sun was blazing, vendors by the bucket loads, and simply X-Game galore. The day was started with Rally Cross and Ford Rally Cross finals. Rally cross are 4 car races on small tracks with jumps, small turns, and extreme drifting. Adrenaline fueled the crowd and the engines. Numerous cars flipped and others were put out of commission. The event hosted go carts, Monster and Crown Royal Parties, Paintball, free skateboard lessons, band battles, and even an open part of the track where you could pay to race your own car on the F1 track. Later on in the day Bad Religion took the reigns of the Austin 360 stage and ran with it.

2014-06-07 23.35.56-1

2014-06-07 22.32.44

Lastly, the event that everyone was anticipating was the arrival of Mac Miller and Kanye West to the amphitheater. Mac Miller then arrived on stage and owned the show. Later, After 30 minutes of packed shoulder-to-shoulder theater, Kanye himself appeared with a mountain themed stage. Kanye made a Kanye-like entrance to tune made popular by Leonardo Di Caprio’s Wolf of Wall Street was Black Skin Head. Kanye was sporting his custom-made sequin mask that covers his entire head, which was used often during his “Yeezus” Tour. His songs jumped all over his career from the very recent “Bound 2”, Gold Digger, Power, Touch the Sky, The Good Life, Runaway, and the list went on. Despite all of the bad publicity he’s received throughout the years, shows like this reminds you of how talented West really is and he proved that once again on Saturday night.


Day 4: Sunday

After Kanye ending the night right on Saturday fans returned on Sunday for one final round of X-Games. The likes of Mayer Hawthorne and Gary Clark Jr. played throughout the day to fill the fans hunger for jams. On the X-Game front the day slowly closed out with the Super Trucks Race Final, Men’s Street Skateboard Final, topping the day off with the demo/personal invite sponsored by Call of Duty Ghost to the Winter X-Games. For one last final hurrah, The Flaming Lips performed at 7:45 producing an electrifying concert and also the final conclusion to the 2014 Summer X-Games in Austin.

X Games LA 2013 - August 1, 2013

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