Tune into Fourth of July #Merica

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Happy July 4th America! Today is our day of independence. It’s a day of celebration, family, and good food. As a country we represent ambition, diversity, and most of all…freedom. Though in recent years our country, and the world we lead, has experienced some turbulence, that American spirit of patriotism continues to influence culture, entrepreneurship, music, and the ageless pursuit for liberty.

As we celebrate our young nations 238th birthday, it remains up to us on how we steward the gift of freedom, and focus our millennial influence. America has been through a lot therefore; we put together a list of songs that affected America in one way or another. Without further adieu…here’s an AAOP style music playlist for your independence day and weekend!

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Matt Monk – Leader, Athlete, Salesman, Trailblazer. Matt Monk was born in Germany and raised on the border of Mexico and Texas. He attended Sam Houston State and received a Bachelor of Criminal Justice accompanied by a Minor in Communication Studies…(read more).

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