#SummerDaze: Team AAOP #MusicMonday Selection

Occasionally the AAOP team will collaborate on a selection of Music Monday tracks. We breakdown the playlist with music that you can expect to vibe to today. Hit play above and jam through our Pick 9.

Pick 9

1) OG Bobby Johnson – Hank McCoy

Great mix between 2 songs with 2 different vibes that makes yet another new vibe.


2) Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife  – Sango X SPZRKT (STWO Remix)

Original is crazy, remix is insane.  If you don’t know about this producer, the singer, and the remixer get on it.  Your welcome.


3) Hold Tight – Justin Bieber (Jeftuz Remix)


I don’t like Bieber, but this remix makes him sound like something I would play at the end of the night at a party.


4) Lying Together – FKJ

I kick off my trio selection with a track by FKJ, a artist I featured on my last Music Monday: July Selection playlist. Another instant classic by French Kiwi Juice, bringing his unique sound for a smooth summer track.


5) Summer – J. Cole


Next up, I take a step away from my usual house music vibes to keep the summer feel going with my selections. A throwback to summer 2013 with J. Cole’s hit “Cole summer” featuring an infectious Lauryn Hill & D’Angelo sample. Cant get enough of this one.

6) Secret – DJ Anna feat. Beverley Ely


Lastly, I jump right back into the house feel with a DJ taking the scene by sotrm, DJ Anna, with her hit secret. No need to for the remix on this one, the original is deep and techy with a passionate vocal thrown in. Enjoy


7) River Full of Liquor – Leon Else

“Washing out my conscious in a river full of liquor…” Brixton-London-UK’s Leon Else vibes urban soul in his new EP, River Full of Liquor. The resurgence of urban soul has already  made a name in the UK with its hard-edged, no-holds barred beats and lyrics. Newcomer, Else demonstrates that on this track.









8) Gold – Chef Faker

Australian electronica musician, Chet Faker debuted his album ‘Built on Glass’ back  in April 2014. His latest single “Gold,” catches attention with its moving vocals, creating a relaxed tempo for good listening.


9) Mother & Father – BROODS

Broods are a brother and sister—Georgia and Caleb Nott—based out of Auckland, New Zealand (home of Lorde). This brother and sister duo blazes it again with this track ‘Mother & Father.’ Their sound rounds up the playlist uniting cool-toned minimalist aesthetics and a compelling coming of age message.




Happy Monday! – Team AAOP

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