Journey to the Innovation Age?


I want to talk about how technology and further it’s constant innovation has brought about a new world filled with opportunity and creativity. I will acknowledge the growth and advancement of our earlier times, but will focus more on the development that has occurred in more recent times. The world has changed immensely in many different ways. These changes have affected everything from how we eat or travel to how we think or communicate. These changes weren’t sudden, they were gradual, compounded over time and have exponentially increased recently beyond Moore’s law. Well, not literally as its original definition, but more in the big picture sense of innovation taking leaps and bounds. This is true because the wave of innovation that we enjoy today is due to many different innovations before it that can’t be measured in transistors. And today’s innovations go much further beyond transistors, but the computer is a great place to start.

The beginning evolution of the computer (via
The beginning evolution of the computer (via

Computers have advanced greatly because of the ability to handle, manipulate, and calculate large amounts of information. It has allowed for us all to be able to at first not rely on our mathematical ability and to provide a device that could do it for us. That was the digital age. It slowly bled into the information age. The information age really came about when the internet took over, which allowed tons of information to be saved on huge servers and shared with everyone. Everyone had access to all the information. More than a whole libraries’ worth of information was now available for anyone that had dial-up internet.


As technology evolved and the amount of information we had on the internet grew the internet got faster and computers got smaller, more powerful, and could hold more information. These technological advancements and the evolution of software, especially search algorithms, require innovations to sort through all of this information and find what we’re looking for. Now we can just google to figure out pretty much anything.

Just google it before you ask an obvious question please. (via
Just google it before you ask an obvious question please. (via

Technology advancements, including computers, the internet, and software, have transformed the way we think and the computations and information we must memorize. We now don’t have to remember everything because we can just search for it online if we need an answer or some information. If we need to think and memorize less that could make us more dependant on technology, but we must continue to be capable with or without the internet despite the new opportunity. That still requires education to change to match these new capabilities. I could go into that whole discussion or you could just read more in another post I wrote HERE.

Even still, there are a plethora of new changes which continue to occur. Computers, the internet, and software have continued to improve and become more ubiquitous. There are many new trends especially within software and the “Internet of Things.”

Internet in your refrigerator? (via
Internet in your refrigerator? (via

These trends have led to a new age beyond the information age; we are now entering the innovation age. The innovation age requires new innovations, creative thinking, design thinking, problem-solving, solution creation, intrapreneurship, idea execution, and entrepreneurship. We see new ideas, businesses, technology advancements, and more popping up because of the older capabilities developed in the earlier ages, especially the digital and information ages. This is an age that makes engineering and innovation available to all of us. We at e2 have seen the opportunity within the innovation age and implore everyone to gain the skills and experiences necessary for the innovation age. We provide training on how to create disruptive ideas, validate them, build a network, create your solution, and get funding to launch. Check out e2 if you want start innovating today. Because you at least want to know how to make fire before the internet comes about. That’s about how soon the next age will be coming about at this pace.

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