DC Recap: Trillectro 2014


Saturday marked the third edition of Trillectro Music Festival. It’s still a young and growing DC music festival that has the advantage of not being completely corporatized, but doesn’t yet have the cache of bringing in the biggest acts in the industry.


It did successfully pull together a string of young, up and coming and popular artists such as Fat Trel, SZA, Goldlink, Lunice, Rae Sremmurd and the new great American act Migos. For the headlining performance, Big Sean came in and ended the night strong.


It was a long, thrilling day partying in the dreary rain. It was at once exhilarating and then exhausting the next minute. Music festivals are a tough thing to pull off, yet seem to be more popular than ever. Since spring just about every weekend a music festival was taking place and now the trend seems to be extending into the fall.

Big sean

It makes sense — in a post-napster, post-social media world — the monoculture is long gone. By the time you finish reading this, five new musical acts would have been created that will build their own modest fanbase. These festivals are now engineered to get these smaller acts more fans while simultaneously capitalizing on youth dollars and promoting corporate brands: it kills more than a few birds with one stone.

Whatever hip respite from popular music, or congregation of alternative-thinking young people, what music festivals claim to provide, have gone out the window. Now they’ve been commandeered due to their cost effectiveness and efficient utility. No matter where you go: there will be overpriced beer, expensive merchandise, social brand marketing and huge, restless crowds.


Trillectro is young and still swimming in the kids pools but it will grow as each year passes. The acts will get bigger, the crowds will get larger and like anything that becomes too big it’ll lose its personal flavor and become another bland afternoon of music. For now, it feels good to bask in a fresh faced party in DC that gives people the opportunity to lose their minds for Migos and take selfies with a shirtless Fat Trel. All music fests should be so generous.

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