#SOTU: A Speculation-Based Rant

Before I begin, what’s the point of a Republican response when, neither Democrats nor Republicans support the President and the current ruling majority in congress is Republican?

SOTU Obama AAOP State of the Union An Art of PerspectiveHere is our president, out figurative king, Commander-in-Chief, giving us a recap on this American nation these past couple of years and where we fall on a global scale—along with nationalistic-pride-inducing moments, showcasing the achievements of the U.S. and using “we” to make it seem like a shared effort and draw forth a kind of empathetic unity among viewers: “Don’t forget to pledge your allegiance for we are one!” 

A great number of jobs have been created. Apparently there has been 58 straight weeks of new job growth, and goddamit the gas prices are fucking low! Now people have more money to invest spend (not save, or pay off bills) in the economy. Also, the price of oil per barrel has been declining for years. Why did it take so long for to directly affect the prices at the pump? Kids are finally passing standardized test (if that’s what I interpreted his report on higher test scores nationwide to be) with the help of tons of tutors and other supplemental programs and hopefully parents being more involved, because school alone is not enough.

Also, how do the rich (top 10%) feel about the shift (more like pool expansion) in wealth in regards to who it is distributed amongst and what their socio-economic status is? How do they feel about having to compete?

You know what “middle class” represents? The poor. Those who can actually afford all the basics. If you think about the income disparity between the top 10% and middle class, the middle class would be considered poor, ratio wise.

“Invest in your workforce,” he says. Apparently the new trend seems to be actually treating your employees like the humans beings that they are—like they’re worth something.

I’m glad the rumors about Obama intent to announce his plans to make community college free are true, a task that sounds so daunting it’s hard for me to believe that such a thing could be achieved (at least before my little sisters have to go to college) in the next four years.

Apparently there are plans for people to go to Mars! And we might be getting “solar [freaking] panels” for our roadways! He doesn’t forget to mention how much better we did than Russia.

Also, I believe it is important to note that the YouTube stream of the State of the Union was quite different if not better than the cable airing. The stream included graphics which always makes everything easier to understand.

Liz AtkinsAbout the Author
A native of Jersey by way of Nigeria, Liz graduated from Howard University with a degree in chemical engineering. Liz came to AAOP to bring her perspective on life to a new audience and make relevant connections by sharing her experiences. LOL, she’s basic.

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