I’m Crys Crain, Stylist for the Everyday Woman, and this is How I Rise

A couple of years ago, while visiting home in Dallas, TX, I decided to do some major retail therapy by first visiting one of my favorite thrift shops in Lower Greenville (Buffalo Exchange). There I met a captivating buyer, who would later become a good friend and a source for motivation and creative inspiration. This buyer, turned Insurance Claims Adjuster by day, and Stylist for the Everyday Woman in all other waking hours, is Crys Crain.

On my most recent visit to Dallas, I caught up with Crys to get more insights on how she rises to answer her call of being a stylist for the everyday woman, all while remaining true to herself and who she’s becoming.

1. Location: Dallas, TX
2. Current Gig/Project: Insurance Claims Adjuster by day, and Fashion Girl/Stylist at all other waking hours. 🙂
3. One word that best describes how you rise: Constantly. I’m always tired – perpetually tired. I think people think just because it’s clothes it’s easy. Everybody has different taste, everybody has different needs and wants, so I work constantly to find the right fit.
4. Current mobile device: iPhone 6s Plus
5. Current computer: iMac
6. First of all, tell me a little about your background and how you got to where you are today. I’ve been a lover of fashion since I was in kindergarten, and even as a child I’d help people get dressed. In recent years, I’m pursuing my passion for fashion professionally.
7. What apps, software, or tools can’t you live without? FreshBooks (cloud accounting app)– it’s how I invoice my clients. Snapseed, it’s a photo editor. And, Instagram which goes without saying.
8. What’s your workspace setup like? I’ve turned my sunroom into my office. I’m still in the process of making it mine. It serves as my quiet space.
9. What’s your best time-saving shortcut or life hack? Organizing my closet. I’ve managed to organize it in a way where I don’t have to think too much while getting ready in the morning.
10. What’s your favorite to-do list manager? I’m a bit old school. I like writing things down in my notebook, so that my mind and body both remember. I also like writing all the steps needed to be done on post-it notes, every time I‘m done I peel it off and clear the page, so that when I go back I know I’ve completed each step/task.
11. Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can’t you live without and why? My appleTV – it has my Hulu account, my Netflix, workout accounts on there, fashion shows. I don’t watch TV I only watch appleTV.
12. What everyday thing are you better at than everyone else? I can undress people with my eyes, but it’s so not sexual, I can imagine people in different outfits – I can redress them with my head in better clothes. What’s your secret? My poker face, no one ever knows I’m undressing them.
13. What do you listen to while you work? I’m a Podcast junkie. Too many to name, but my absolute favorites would include Myleik Teele’s Podcast, For Colored Nerds, Startup, Unstyled and Hidden Brain.
14. What are you currently reading? 48 Laws of Power. Also my cousin gifted me a subscription to Muse Monthly, a monthly subscription box for books and tea, which I’m loving.
15. How do you recharge? I exercise, yoga has been my weapon of choice lately. What do you do when you want to forget about work? I go salsa dancing.
16. Fill in the blank: I’d love to see DJ Ramey answer these same questions.
17. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Pursue my dreams because the time is going to pass anyways; so it’s better to pursue what you love.
18. Is there anything else you’d like to add that might be interesting to readers and fans? I have a podcast coming out soon called “Dressed”, where I talk to people from designers to everyday women about getting dressed. Stay tuned.

Connect with Crys via Instagram/ Twitter /Website.

The How I Rise series asks rising black millennial voices to share personal stories of success, hustle and more in their work to break barriers and change the world.

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