Jamie Jones brings ‘Paradise in the Park’ to LA’s MacArthur Park

It’s officially summer in California. The drought fighting rain that soaked the hills, trees, and parks we Californians love to call our home on the weekends has ceased, and the festival season is in full swing.

One-off Day-time festivals have started to gain momentum in the saturated festivals market as attendees seek more an intimate, curated event focused more on the experience and vibe than solely the performers on stage.

Paradise in the Park combined a never used before venue, picturesque view of the LA skyline, and the soundtrack of Hot Creations boss Jamie Jones for a special first time US event.

The dance music scene is no stranger to Paradise parties, with the world-renowned events owning residency’s in Ibiza for nearly a decade and hosting stages at some of the biggest festivals year round.

Each event showcasing the iconic sound Paradise Parties are known for bringing; infectious grooves, deeper techno, and friends of Jamie Jones who exemplify pushing the sounds of techno and house to fans that expect nothing less.

For this first-ever event, the line-up included big name players that ensured those who arrived early would be treated for braving the early afternoon LA sun.

Marques Wyatt starting things off followed by a trio of Canadian powerhouse with surprise guest Carlo Lio warming things up for a back-to-back session with Nathan Barato, before Art Department (Johnny White) took over the decks to lay down a worthy welcoming party for the man of the night, Jamie Jones.

Jamie played an extended two-hour set with the sun down, light of the skyline in the background, with warm stage lighting creating an ambiance that felt like a true house muss paradise.

From the stage setup, to local favorite food trucks and special cocktails, large blankets and benches spread out under the trees of the outer edges of the amphitheater, to the added turf for a soft dance floor in front of the stage, every bit of this party was carefully thought out to create a special quality event.

Judging from the response of the crowd as Jamie closed out; Paradise has found a new home in California.

Justen Barber AAOP About the Author
Justen Barber is a Houston, TX native. He studied Mass Communication and Spanish at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX. Living in Puerto Rico as a kid solidified Spanish as a part of his life. Former Marketing/PR intern for Pacha NYC. Advent festival goer. San Francisco resident. Music. Travel. Fuego. For more, view Justen’s LinkedIn or follow him at @JustenBarber.

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