Finding PRIDE and Remembering Why We Dance

“Tell me who wants to look back on their years and wonder where those years have gone…”

This past weekend I went to New York City Pride for the first time. My experience was both thrilling and left me feeling quite reflective. Mainly, since only three years ago, this would of been something I would have been afraid to death of sharing or admitting publicly.

On Thursday, I hopped the MegaBus for my scheduled 4hr ride to the city (which actually turned out to be about 5hr15min), where my five star accommodations for the weekend were secured vis a vis my buddy Adam and his partner Noey’s sofa. With an unwritten playbook, we welcomed the weekend with open arms and only positive energy, while also meeting several Texans along the way, both also visiting for Pride and others who now live in New York.

As I ventured through the weekend, I kept pondering the thought of whether Pride was only a big party or indeed our altruistic celebration of a conquering love. Then again, at the foundation of any positive energy, there is love — so who said it couldn’t be both? In between my many ponders, the dodgy bars, and dirty boys, I was reminded that Pride weekend is a party, but to celebrate Pride is to let your life speak honestly and authentically.

Perhaps it was the mix of being surrounded by couples all weekend, or this recent level of cuteness (i.e the Kilig* of Keith and Joe), but I caught major feels for the sentiment of Pride. Being confronted with so much honesty and authenticity reminded me that loving yourself – all parts of you – is the key to authentically loving anyone else. Reaching that point does not come easy or without costs. So in finding Pride, friends, I encourage you to always remember that you matter. And oh, I also hope you don’t ever stop dancing! 🙂

Finally, since every weekend should be Pride Weekend, here’s some music inspo to keep ya dancing (also doubles as a fun workout mix) via Spotify Playlist below [PRESS PLAY].


[Bonus] Pics with some faves from L.A. Pride:

Have a song I should hear? Email me with your suggestion!

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