…..Chapter 29

This past week, I turned the page to Chapter 29. A chapter which finds me on a journey of living out my final year as a twenty-something. This chapter, which remains untitled, opens riddled with anticipation, a bit of restlessness, and uncertainty, yet still filled with hope for the full life my heart desires. One being, crossing off the life list, a long overdue first time visit to San Francisco.

There were also many iterations to the namesake of this blog post. Some notables: Chapter 29…stella still got groove; Chapter 29…u ain’t no spring chicken; Chapter 29…write yourself.  Yea, all too good to decide right? Well none of these seemed to stick, unfortunately (I think), I even went as far as to craft this inkling of a poem, an ode to my day of birth:

Like a luminous pearl half hidden in the shadows, As the clouds cleared, the sky was unveiled, an endless depth of black And there I laid a spec of a being beneath the heavens, Staring up at the stars scattered like dust across the sky, My eyes wide, my heart tender, like a Newborn…It was Then my breath was deep and peaceful As I exhaled I felt calmness, a trust…

For record, I called my mother to justify this. Ruling: I was actually an afternoon birth baby, So, think more daytime light, and less shadows of clouds and endless depth of black. Though one could perhaps metaphorically say otherwise. Nonetheless, what remains constant is this unwavering anticipation of arriving, and desire to realize beauty and create spaces for more light in a world aching for peace, empathy, and more perspective. 

If I’ve learned anything early in this life, it is that there’s a shit ton (pardon mon français) that can and will happen in a year. Many peaks and valleys, and sometimes wallowing in one more frequently than the other. So, as I journey on my final rotation around the Sun as a twenty-something, I hear a guiding whisper tell me, “Keep your head up kid, it’s a tough world out there, but you got this!”

With this in mind, I hold fast the vision,with strong conviction to imagine true the story of a twenty-something stumbling upon and fully taking on Chapter 29. I set this quote, that my little brother has in his apartment, as my anchor and words of intention for Chapter 29

Live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Be fearless in the face of adversity. Never stop learning. Use your imagination whenever possible. Recognize the beauty that surround you. Remember where you came from, but never lose sight of where you are going. 

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About the Author
Mariel Kanene is Founder and Editor of TheArtOfPersptive.co and lead storyteller with a focus on people, place and purpose. His passion for storytelling was born in Kinshasa, Congo, groomed in Dallas, Texas, and cultivated in Washington, DC where he now resides. By day, Mariel spends his days slowly trying to change the world—one meaningful interaction at a time. When Mariel is not in the office, he spends his free time in athletic pursuits from weightlifting to yoga, swimming, and martial arts.  He loves good conversations over good coffee and even better rum. He hates talking about himself in third person. Thanks for stopping by. Always appreciated. Twitter | Instagram | Linkedin .

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