Founded by Mariel Kanene, TheArtOfPerspective.co is a weblog of insights to all things social innovation, music, travel and life + stories on people, place and purpose.


Every day is an opportunity to create a better world and explore a life built around perspective… let TheArtOfPerspective.co be your guidebook. With an original voice and unique insights, TheArtOfPerspective.co is a forest of inspiration and a place of daily discovery to empower a digital generation of minority voices working to build an inclusive, sustainable and resilient future for people and planet.

Through our work in design, content, branding and social innovation, TheArtOfPerspective.co works with minority-owned companies and their allies to launch new products, produce bold campaigns, and design powerful content.

About Mariel Kanene

Mariel is a growth hacker and for-hire creative who loves building things, photography, company cultures, and all things design. His passion for storytelling was born in Kinshasa, Congo, groomed in Dallas, Texas, and cultivated in Washington, DC where he now resides. By day, Mariel spends his days slowly trying to change the world—one meaningful interaction at a time. He hates talking about himself in third person.

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