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Kendrick Lamar is Sort Of Right About Ferguson: Change Comes From Within

Kendrick Lamar has come under fire lately for his comments relating to Michael Brown’s killing in Ferguson, MO and Eric Garner’s killing in Staten Island, NY. In an interview with Billboard, Lamar stated that: “I wish somebody would look in our neighborhood knowing that it’s already a situation, mentally, where it’s f—ked up. What happened to…

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Vulnerability 2.0: Antifragility

How would the world be different if we viewed vulnerability as a power pose as opposed to a liability or weakness? Better yet, what if there were a third option, not powerfully vulnerable, or woefully weak, but …. antifragile? Let me explain myself. It’s common to hear about vulnerability in terms of risky behavior that…

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Tune into Fourth of July #Merica

Happy July 4th America! Today is our day of independence. It’s a day of celebration, family, and good food. As a country we represent ambition, diversity, and most of all…freedom. Though in recent years our country, and the world we lead, has experienced some turbulence, that American spirit of patriotism continues to influence culture, entrepreneurship,…

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X-Games 2014 Does Austin, TX

The X-Games this year were held at the brand new “Circuit of The Americas Track” in Austin, Texas. Celebrities, athletes, and citizens from across the US made the pilgrimage to the live music capital of world to fulfill their passion for X-Games sports. Just two years ago Austin built the first Formula 1 Certified Racing…

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